Calling a plumber out can be a costly trip should you not need one. Luckily, we do not charge a call-out fee for any NR postcode. Still, worried if to call one of us? Here’s a list of reasons when to call our emergency plumbers in Norwich:
Emergency plumber Norwich, Norfolk

  • Burst water pipe
  • Blocked toilets
  • Drain blockage
  • Pipe blockage
  • Leaking pipes
  • Overflowing water tanks
  • Cistern overflowing
  • Frozen pipes
  • Boiler not working
  • Radiators not working

In general, if there is a leak you can’t stop or need repairing or you have no heat or water – then it’s an emergefncy a plumber can help with.

We can help advise on how to stop any leaks before we attend. Some of the advice can be found below before you contact us.

How to stop a burst, leaking water pipe or overflowing tank.

Finding stop cock valveWe want to stop the flow of water. The fastest way is to find the internal stop cock and turn it off. This will shut off the water supply to your home and business.

  1. Locate your stop cock – this is usually under the kitchen sink, but maybe in an airing cupboard. Look for a metal plate with “Water” or “W” on.
  2. Turn the tap anti-clockwise – turn it all the way until all the water supply in the home has stopped (the leak would have stopped and no taps will work.
  3. Turn off your boiler – by turning off the boiler you are preventing the risk of it running dry.
  4. Call Plumbers In Norwich – tell us it’s what has happened. We aim to be there within 2 hours.

Can’t locate the stop cock

Locate Isolator valveIf you can’t find the stop cock,, check around the leaking pipe for an isolating valve. This is usually built into most water pipes for that feed taps & radiators.

Turn this a quarter of a turn or until the leak stops.

What to do in a blocked drain or waste pipe

We can generally unblock a drain or pipe with ease using the correct tools. In general, we find customers have made several attempts to unclog waste pipes using excessive measures that just add to the issue.

Unblocking a drain or waste pipe

Stop trying to unblock the drain yourself. Using drain unblockers from the supermarket can just add to the problem and cause further blockages or an overflow of waste.

By calling us and explaining the issue and how it occurred, we generally can advise on if it’s an issue you can solve yourself and how.

Unblocking a toilet

In most cases, it’s gone to the point of no return. You’ve probably flushed and now the toilet water is near the edge or already overflowing.

Do not flush further or poke at the blockage. It can become very messy, and create more sanitary issues than anyone wishes to deal with.

Areas we cover.

We can serve the whole county, but we generally are already out on call. This means we tend to be there within 2 hours.

Once our plumber has arrived, they will assess the problem and quote from our plumbing services before work commences.

The areas we service regularly are:
Areas Covered Emergency Plumber Norwich, Norfolk

  • Norwich – within 30 mins
  • Attleborough – within 1 hour
  • Great Yarmouth – within 1 hour
  • Dereham – within 1 hour
  • North Walsham – within 1 hour
  • Wymondham – within 1 hour
  • Downham Market – within 2 hours
  • Thetford – within 2 hours